This charcoal-fired grill and convection oven fusion vegetable and firewood, allows an ember at a very high temperature. The cut receives the maillard effect, when the protein caramelizes. The result is a firm meat with juiciness and exceptional flavor


This oven reaches 700 C. The meat is seared and the protein it caramelizes. This method brings out the smoothness of a cut, so it is ideal for lovers of the middle ground.


Japanese ancient technique with indirect heat on skewers over embers with different temperature levels. The meat cooks quickly, with a lot of juice and perfect gold.


A rotating skewer allows for even roasting. The meat is cooked in its own juices, resulting in textures and aromas of wood and charcoal.


The heat is concentrated in refractory bricks, resulting in even cooking, delicate and controlled wood-based.

American Wood Smoker

Our smoker flavors, browns and cooks food by exposing it to heat and smoke from the embers of the best woods, which add a flavor and aroma one of a kind.